• Tt eSPORTS


    Why Join Team Tt eSPORTS?

    We are looking for talented teams and teams with potential on pro level. If you think you fit the requirement, then you¡¦re the one! Submit and apply now!


    *All eligible applicants will be contacted via email. Please ensure that your email is correct.

    Why Tt eSPORTS is the right choice for your team? We¡¦ll tell you why! We¡¦ll make you shine!

    Product Sponsorship

    Tt eSPORTS will be providing our sponsored teams with our best products (keyboards, headsets, mouse and mouse pads) for all competitions. Exact product amounts and choice will be based on each individual negotiation.

    Brand Marketing

    We will help to promote all sponsored teams on our Facebook pages directly to our Tt eSPORTS fans to increase reaches and awareness. Tt eSPORTS will share team news, competitions¡¦ results, reviews, interviews and other relevant news regarding on our sponsored teams.

    What Do We Ask From You?


    Tt eSPORTS is committed to bring the most personalized and the highest quality weapons for the most competitive cyber battles, and advances with the idea of products designed by gamers for gamers. Therefore, we ask that every team players to use Tt eSPORTS products for all relevant events.

    Product Awareness and Promotion

    Tt eSPORTS is highly supportive and paid great concern in all marketing activities! Promoting the brand is vital where you can promote the brand and the products through social media, online product reviews, and products unboxing videos or attending Tt eSPORTS activities/events.

    Steady and Reliability Squads

    Keeping the team on track is a hard thing to do; particularly when there is quitting or recruiting and we wish to have a reliable team where team spirit ranked first that will deliver consistency results. Tt eSPORTS will observe on all sponsored teams to ensure well performance delivered.


    We know that our sponsored teams will have sufficient knowledge in gaming better than non-pro players, therefore, we hope to have our sponsored teams to contribute important and useful content where we will share it on our social media.

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